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Radenko Milak (b. 1980, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Untitled, 2010 Drawings
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Honey is Sweeter than Blood, Salvador Dali (1927)
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hussein chalayan ss98
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looking at my personal blog and admiring my own shit www.myhandinyourmouth.tumblr.com

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celebrityham: Fucking love you


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Anonymous: I know this is asking too much and you problaly will say no ,I will totally understand you but I really really want ur tumblr name , my name means lioness in latin also lions are my fave animal ever Im kinda drawing a lioness tattoo for myself and also when I was really sick(1 year ago) and bout to die I was always thinking im a lioness im strong I cant die,Im sorry if this sounds ''oh I was sick and bout to die give me ur name'I just wanted to say how much it matters to me Thank you anyway ^-^